We know that creating a great product or service can be tough going. Even just running the day to day operations can feel like a lot without the added pressure of getting the word out and attracting customers. That’s where we come in. We offer our experience in strategic communication to make sure your target market knows what you are doing and where, why and how they can get involved. Whether it’s launching a new product, or reaching a wider audience, we are here to allow you to focus on what makes your business special and communicating that to the people in an authentic way.

We can do this at all levels and all budgets, you will be surprised how your business can benefit from the right strategy.


Red Bull Organics range launch

When Red Bull decided to release Simply Cola and the whole Red Bull Organics range we headed the creative team in charge of launching it in the Central Europe market. It was an exciting multiple year long project with the big challenge of launching a product that was very foreign to the current Red Bull energy drink portfolio which would be also entering a hotly contested market.

We decided that engaging a completely different audience and using different opinion leaders was the right way, keeping away from Red Bull’s association with extreme sports, athletes, electronic music etc. We instead, decided to focus more on this new product’s high quality, organic production and the types of people this would appeal to that weren’t regular Red Bull consumers, including foodies, bartenders / mixologists, the indie focused music scene and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

We created a full communications strategy around the launch including in-store promotions and installations. We presented the new range at big food festivals, collaborated with well known chefs and food bloggers, indie musicians and the like. We saw the product as being a part of the push for a more conscious way forward, therefore we pushed Red Bull into supporting some sustainability efforts as well with the new range. We came up with music and food festival activations and designed bespoke communication materials and PR kits in order to spread the message.

Another challenge we faced was the product itself – the cans resembled Red bull energy drinks too much. We believed we had to make people aware that Simply Cola was not some time of caffeinated beverage, but a truly organically certified natural soda. We decided to focus on the glass bottles in the restaurant scene and engage some mixologists to come up with unique cocktails featuring the Organics range. The engagement of bartenders was crucial when building the reputation for Red Bull’s new product line in the hands of professionals to the satisfaction of customers.



Yoga Education in Prisons Trust / Help from Home 3 campaign support

Coming back to New Zealand, it was a great feeling having one of our first clients be such an inspiring and worthy cause. The Yoga Education in Prisons Trust does exactly what you think they might do, they go into prisons and teach both male and female inmates yoga and meditation.They put the hard work in on the ground to help prisoners find a degree of calm and reflection, get in tune with their bodies and learn how to pause and reflect on potential consequences before they act. These are such great tools for people with a troubled history who are honestly looking for a path towards rehabilitation and reintegration. 

We were brought in to help with their latest Givealittle campaign – Help From Home 3. We were tasked with designing the key visual used for posters and other printed materials for promotion in yoga studios and online, creating a campaign landing page for their website and social media content for Facebook and Instagram.

We are very proud to be able to work alongside an organisation doing meaningful work like this and at the time of writing this, the campaign is already halfway towards their goal! We were very pleased to receive positive feedback and are excited to work with these great people on future projects.



Kirsty Powell Author

Kirsty Powell is an author and poet from New Zealand. She is a fierce talent for spinning delightful yarns with her instant impressionistic poetry as well as the NZ Booklovers 2020 winner for her debut novel The Strength of Eggshells. During our early chats together she made it clear she understood the power of social media and having an internet presence, but without much experience, she was looking for someone to guide her through making her own authentic content find its way through their fast moving currents and channels.

We saw this as a great opportunity to work together, getting her out there through SEO and social media and make sure that her wonderful work would be meeting eyeballs both on the screen and the page.

We started by completely rebuilding her website from the bottom up. We shot new photos of her and gave her a unified presence over her website, Facebook and Instagram. We went for an aesthetic that would speak to her target audience, but not get in the way of the important things; her words and ideas. We now work with her closely on her social media and will be running her public relations ahead of her next book currently in the works, as well as speaking engagements and interviews.

Experience her witty, touching and astute poetry here, or check out the website we created and find out info about here award winning book here.